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Petition History: 

Between 2003 and 2005: Courageous social activists from Atlanta City of Peace* collected over 2,000 names on a petition towards the goal of amassing over 10 MILLION names worldwide so city leaders would be convinced to rename the world's busiest airport after three globally respected peacebuilders. Their audacious dream failed because they were unable to locate and engage the courageous civic & business leaders needed, plus the funding pros and public relations pros needed. In many ways, we have seen transformation happen hundreds of times, and once it begins it picks up speed. We have a dream that still lives. It is not dead. It is just simply delayed like a futuristic Spaceplane, on standby, at a future Spaceport for Peace. We welcome your connection and ideas. Good works unite us all and bring us nearer to our highest calling so we may all better celebrate the many wonderful traits we share in common.

Petition Archive:

2003-2005 Synopsis: The very first decade of the new millennium was given a beautiful & perfect name: "The United Nations International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-violence for the Children of the World (2001-2010)." Mahatma Gandhi still proclaims "IF we are to teach real peace in the world... we must begin with the children" and his Sesquicentennial (150th) Birth Anniversary arrives in 2019. Dr. King still proclaims "We ignore Gandhi at our own risk" and President Carter still proclaims: "The efforts of Martin and Coretta, although not appreciated even at the highest level of government, have changed America." Upon completion of this U.N. Decade for a Culture of Peace, there will be more than 1000 peace organizations worldwide that support it, and the GKC International Airport initiative will be one of them.​ This old U.N. link below, from the "Decade for a Culture of Peace" site references our efforts with a 2005 Report (note: it lists an old abandoned contact email that cannot be updated. However, the new contact email is in the other link further below.

2003-2005 Archived Petition Summary Report on U.N. site 

NEXT Steps + 2006-2010 Synopsis: ​Birthed out of the tragic & temporary failure of this historic GKC-Airport initiative were two new audacious dreams for a brighter and more abundant future for all: 1) On 30 January 2006 when Coretta Scott King died (same day of the month as Mahatma Gandhi in 1948, Jan 30) many had experienced a huge loss + recognized an immense void in our great city. To help others better celebrate Mrs. King's inspiring life and legacy, an organization for the actual term, brand, and ideal name for a future global capital of peace, "Atlanta: City of Peace", was incorporated with the Georgia Secretary of State in Nov. 2006; and later 2) In August 2008, it was reported that the U.N. "Decade for a Culture of Peace" had assembled over 888 organizations worldwide and this created a veritable Light Bulb Moment in John Naugle which influenced the birth of "The Declaration of Peace Millennium" (Years 2000-3000) that was authored + published on 08/08/08, the same amazing date that "ONE WORLD ONE DREAM" was broadcast worldwide at the Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony at 8:08 PM. This Official Slogan was originally offered to the Committee planning Atlanta's 1996-Centennial Olympic Games and it was authored by Mr. George Hirthler, an inspiring Atlantan not directly connected to GKC or ACP. However, Mr. Hirthler's book ( is amazing! This fascinating book is deserving of a major Hollywood producer to transform it into a blockbuster Feature Film.

2010 ACP Archived Photo of Founders & Cofounders + ACP organization info on U.N. site

NEXT Steps 2010 and Forward: ​©ATLANTA: City of Peace™ is a dynamic brand that is advancing the global paradigm shift of making peace tourism sustainable & profitable. FACT: Tourism is the world's biggest peace industry and "ATL"​ is the world's busiest airport with over 100 million annual passengers. We Have a Dream for both (see: ). As Dr. King's birthplace grows and fulfills more of its true destiny, it will experience a phenomenal windfall of economic, societal, and spiritual rewards. As our international city becomes formalized as a Global Beacon of Peace it will 'export the concepts & benefits' to then inspire MANY other cities worldwide.


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